Brooker Memorial, Torrington, Connecticut Swartz Sculpture Installed.

Brooker Memorial received their Swartz sculpture in September 2022.


Pinellas Park artist, Clayton Swartz created a 15 feet aluminum sculpture titled “Radiant”.


Concept Drawing


Building the individual pieces of the sculpture


Before the paint.


Unveiling Day

This sculpture is a representational abstract sculpture of a group of hearts. The sculpture is a series of 5 cascading hearts. The bottom heart is only partially viewed and is set firmly in the ground while each additional heart holds up the next one. This is a metaphor for the family which we are all called to lift each other up especially in times of need. The sculpture also incorporated the Brooker logo as a major aspect of the design. The sun shines it's light and love on the community just as Brooker Memorial is a radiant light that serves its community. There is also an interactive component. Visitors can stand behind the sculpture and see through to the other side and this provides a photo opportunity for the community. The sculpture is made of aluminum and is painted in a variety of vibrant colors. The artwork is coated with an automotive finish for a UV protection and can withstand the elements for long lasting color and shine.

This sculpture celebrates the hard work, care, and love that Brooker Memorial provides to its community. “Radiant ” is a strong and vibrant sculpture that will invoke feelings of joy, love, hope, strength, and beauty.

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