The Funk Lab (Florida)

an old promo video for The Funk Lab. I am in no way affiliated with The Funk Lab, only a fan.

Being creative is one of the joys of my life. It is one of the things that makes me who I am. After deciding at an early age that art was what I was going to do for a career I set out to make that happen. In high school I let my academic classes slide as I put all of my attention towards fine art. I took all of the art course that were offered and did just the bare minimum to pass in all of the rest of my classes. As I went on to college I did two years at the local junior college paying the piper for neglecting the academics (lesson learned) then 2 more at University of South Florida – BA Fine Art Painting /Sculpture and k-12 Art Ed. These first two college years were very formative as I had a couple great art instructors in painting and design. This was also the time (early 90’s) that I started going to night clubs and listening to electronic music. Being a creative person I got hooked on the music and the Dj culture and my art career took a ten year side step into the electronic music business. Djing at clubs starting a record label (Funklab Records) that put out over 30 releases on vinyl and countless CD releases. This is a time in my life that I would not change for the world. However as I got older and my first son was on his way I decided to go back to the career that I started off with (fine art) and that brings me to where I am now. Being creative can take many forms and on many journeys and you should follow your passions where ever they take you. I did!! Above is a video peek of (The Funklab – Dj’s B Nice and me C4) in various shows and clubs – Enjoy:)

Swartz Art

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