Gateway Area Public Art Bus Shelter Complete by Swartz



You may want to start riding a PSTA bus in Pinellas County because well known Tampa Bay artist, Clayton Swartz, created one of the largest and most spectacular bus shelters ever imagined. This oversized bus shelter was installed in October 2014 and is located at the newly developed upscale apartment complex, The Epic at Gateway Centre. This is not just another bus shelter but looks as if it belongs in a gallery space. The piece is titled “Summer at the Park” and is located at 3115 Grand Avenue in Pinellas Park. This piece was part of a private public partnership that used all private funds to commission the bus shelter by the artist. The Richmond group provided funding and worked in conjunction with the PSTA and the City of Pinellas Park to make this bus shelter a reality. Artist Clayton Swartz was selected to create this bus shelter by the group because of his well known metal work and the appealing design he created for this project. This piece of art is characterized by Claytons’ unique style of vibrant colors and inspirational images layered together to create artwork that you want to look at again and again. You can sit down on the custom made bench he designed and fabricated and if you walk around the back of the shelter you will see an equally amazing piece of artwork. He also created a garbage can and bike rack for the city dwellers to use. This is one bus shelter that you must see to appreciate.

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