Large scale public art by Clayton Swartz coming to Plymouth Harbor, Sarasota, Florida

Tampa bay artist, Clayton Swartz was approved to create a custom sculpture for Plymouth Harbor a retirement community in Sarasota, Florida. The sculpture will be completed in Spring 2021.


For this project Clayton Swartz envisioned creating a monumental 14-foot brushed aluminum sculpture titled “Breaking Waves”. This sculpture is an abstract representation of waves breaking in the ocean and a sun. The 4 waves are made of aluminum with a brushed finish. The sides of the sculpture will be painted in different shades of blue to emulate the tranquil waters of Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The circular shape at the top of the sculpture will be painted in yellow and represents the sun. The painted areas would be coated with an automotive finish for a UV protection and long-lasting shine and able to withstand the Florida elements. The sculpture would have a welded construction with smooth lines. The sculpture would be installed on a circular concrete base with lighting.
This concept celebrates the beautiful coastal community of Sarasota. “Breaking Waves” is a strong and vibrant sculpture that will invoke feelings of peacefulness, tranquility, strength, and beauty.

More updates and pictures to come on this project.

Concept drawings for "Breaking Waves"


Progress on Breaking Waves.

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